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The Hendren Farm Market Story 

The Hendren Farm Market story began with the hopes of expanding an already small, but successful, local farm market. What started out as a simple summer project of selling fresh sweet corn, it has quickly grown into something more. Over the past several years, our approach had been to pack up our fresh selections in the back of our pick-up trucks and head into the city. This modest venture has enabled us to think bigger and take the steps necessary to offer an approachable and fixed location in the Johnstown and New Albany area. Our vision had always been to broaden our selection and move from a traditional summer market menu to a fall menu and beyond. We now have an opportunity to bring you the finest food and farm inspired products we can provide!

What We Believe 

Who We Are

We believe fresh and local food items are important not only to the surrounding communities and its growers, but to the health of its consumers as well. The 'Farm to Table' objective is an outlook we fully support as all of our inventory is locally grown or produced. Our sweet corn provided during the season is always picked fresh daily and the accompanying fruit and vegetables are of equal quality. Responsibly raised produce is an important component we strive to offer our customers.



We are third generation farmers born and raised in the Johnstown area. Our grandfather began farming when he was in high school in 1955. His appreciation and knowledge of the land has granted him a successful life and has distilled his philosophy to us. As lifelong members of the local community, we promise to meet and exceed expectations to the quality and demand this area deserves.


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