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Corn Maze

Just beside the store will be an 8 acre corn maze! We have teamed up with Mazeplay, an Idaho based corn maze company, to provide you and your family a thoroughly enjoyable experience getting lost on our farm. Throughout the maze you will be searching for clues to aid in the investigation of the Farm Scene, or Monster Mystery. At several set checkpoints, you will solve a puzzle to gain a clue toward solving the case! Keep in mind, these mazes can be muddy after rain events so please choose the appropriate footwear if you want to experience the maze. If you desire to get the full experience, plan on spending nearly 60-90 minutes navigating your way through!

Hendren Farm Market 2017 corn maze!!!

Pumpkin Patch

Getting his money's worth on the 'All Yo

Next to our market lies our pumpkin patch. As the fall season sets in, the patch will be open to the public to pick your very own pumpkins. The sizes are mixed throughout the patch between small (5 pounds and less), to extra large pumpkins, (25 pounds and up). Scattered across the patch will be novelty pumpkins if you're looking for something unique. They can include a variety of colors such as pink, blue, green, and white; some even have those obnoxious warts! We will also provide pre-picked pumpkins if the patch proves too overwhelming or if you prefer a quicker method of obtaining your pumpkins. Bring the whole family for a fun fall outdoor activity!

Sunflower Patch

For the month of August, we will have a 5 acre sunflower patch. It is $5 admission per person (kids 3 and under are free). With each ticket, you are able to cut one stem. If you wish to cut more to create a bouquet or to fill your own vase, each additional stem is $1. We can provide plastic bags with water for easy transport back home to help prevent early wilting!

Inside the patch we have several rustic farm backdrops including a swing, old John Deere tractor, and apple crates. They make for great photo opportunities and you can even work with us to make a private appointment with a photographer (call for details and available times). You are welcome to take photos for your own pleasure, all we ask is you please tag us in your social media posts! 

Strawberry Patch

Fresh Strawberries

Starting in late May, we will be offering a chance for you to pick your own strawberries! We're excited to bring you all this opportunity and to try something new! There are several wet areas located in the patch so please consider wearing boots or bringing an extra pair of shoes. Follow up with us on social media to get the most current updates with times to pick. the pricing are as follows:

Admission: $1 per person

Quart: $4

Bucket (3 quart): $13

$1 credit if you return the bucket


We are planning on providing a pick your own lavender patch this summer and early fall, weather permitting. We will be transplanting them this spring so they have some time to grow during the summer months. Stay tuned with our social media pages for the most current updates regarding the lavender. Pricing has not been determined yet. Please be patient with us as learn how to properly manage all these new and exciting opportunities! 

Lavender Fields
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